Our Story

It all started as a hobby...

Based in the Hills District of Sydney, Leanne started creating candles when a local grocery store worker suggested that she try making her own instead of spending a small fortune in the home fragrance section of aisle 11!

It didn't take long and Leanne was hooked! She discovered the advantages of using pure soy wax with high quality fragrance oils, compared to her original purchases of paraffin wax and otherwise sourced oils. Her handcrafted items sparked the interests of friends & family who were eager to pay for her creations. One thing lead to another, and she decided to turn her new skill set into a business, naming it after her two daughters' middle names, Emily Jade & Amy Louise. The small business has boomed, and now she cannot imagine her life without a scented candle nearby!
Louise Jade Products is now invited to fundraising and other major events, and creates giftware for various real estate agents, influencer & celebrity events & Australian charities. 

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